An extensive amount of cyber threat intelligence is generated on a daily basis, and it can be difficult to cut through the noise. Simplify the process with our fully automated and highly specific threat intelligence, which provides detection on an on-going basis. CTM360 generates actionable threat intel, providing insights specifically catered to your organization, its brand and executives.

OSINT (Surface)

Open Source Intelligence leverages publicly available data across the surface web, which in most cases can be an overwhelmingly large amount of data. Our threat intel systems are designed to scan and connect you with the most valuable data relevant to your organization.

    Deep & Dark Web

    Detect threats across the Deep and Dark web with effective filtering based on relevancy, priority and severity. CTM360 collaborates with various industry leaders in sharing and processing proprietary Threat Intel feeds. Our goal is to identify what is actionable and relevant to your organization.

      Targeted Campaigns

      Identify, analyze, monitor and neutralize any targeted attack campaigns against your organization to prevent any threats or potential losses. Connecting the dots by pivoting from a single attack attribute enables us to identify ongoing or upcoming campaigns that are industry or regionally specific.

        Actionable Advisories

        Get the latest advisories on upcoming policies, new threat actors, campaigns, threat types, and more based on regional or industry-specific trends. Our advisories are designed to help you understand issues and remediate them and/or prevent them from occurring in a timely manner.

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