Cloud Threat Hunting requires specialization and a dedicated mind-set. Our analysts pivot across attack elements and extract maximum insights; a skill sought by many but executed by a few. With CTM360’s experience of dealing with cyber security in the cloud, we strive for maximum business value and aim to dismantle any attacks completely. Via pivoting and playbooks, we greatly reduce the burden from your team and offer cloud threat hunting as a standard feature of our bundled platform and managed services offering.


Pivoting remains a critical skill in cloud threat hunting and CTM360’s agile team handles these challenges effectively. CTM360 provides coverage across on-going incidents and insights into potential or real threats. We also provide your organization deconstructed attack data-points that extract more meaning from what may seem an isolated event or may be part of an entire campaign.


    Playbooks are the future of cybersecurity and CTM360 leverages its experience to run playbooks in the event of an incident. Whilst end-users may look to adopt playbooks within their internal environments via SOAR/SEIM, CTM360 offers the same capabilities in the external cyberspace. Sample playbooks include

    • Sample Scenarios:
    • Scenario 1 - Spear-Phishing
    • Scenario 2 - Social Media Fraud
    • Scenario 3 - Suspicious Mobile Apps
    • Scenario 4 - Data Leakage
    • Scenario 5 - Binary Options Trading Scams
    • Scenario 6 - Brand Abuse and Infringements
    • And more...
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