Your company works hard to build its brand and we are there to safeguard your efforts. Brand protection and Anti-phishing cover an array of mediums which require continuous monitoring, management and response. With our offering, you’ll be able to protect and prevent brand infringement, and potential impersonations to your brand or executive management.

Executive & VVIP Protection (High-Value Target Monitoring)

Protect prominent figures of your organization from being impersonated for fraud via social media, fake news pages and data leakage websites.

    Corporate Brand Protection

    Keep your brand from being a part of identity theft, financial fraud, reputational loss, and an association without consent; hunt and neutralize any potential threats that may arise.


      Detect and perform takedowns on all phishing sites, typo squatted domains, cyber evil twin sites and more that attempt to impersonate your brand and target your employees or customers.

        Social Media Protection

        Monitor 400 + social media platforms across the globe for any copyright, trademark, or impersonations against your organization’s brand.

          Suspicious Mobile App Fraud

          Detect and Takedown all mobiles apps on 3rd party app stores as well as genuine app stores that may impersonate your brand for fraudulent activity. There are numerous threat vectors attached to such apps.

            Account Takeover Protection

            Avoid any misuse or account hijacking, keep your accounts secure by being notified of any breached credentials within BreachDB; a database of leaked credentials found in the public domain within globally released data dumps.

              Domain Protection

              View and assess issues related to your domain such as misconfiguration of SSL certificates and misconfigurations on all DNS records.

                Real-time Monitoring

                Monitor your legitimate assets and incoming incidents in real-time. Get the latest alerts and recommended course of action whilst keeping a track on incidents post mitigation.

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