CTM360 'Gold Winner' at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Bahraini Cybersecurity Startup CTM360 named Gold winner at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards by popular vote. The startup known for it’s non-traditional approach to cybersecurity in which they focus on threats residing outside the perimeter of any organization to prevent threats prior to an attack. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognizes security vendors globally based on four different categories (Company, Product/Service, Industry Solution, and Professionals). Companies worldwide are given the chance to nominate and open for a public voting system. “It’s great to be recognized globally by such notable awards. We try our best to ensure our technology is of the best service to combat cyber threats. With so many things going online and digital, it makes a hacker’s attack surface much larger. It is extremely crucial to assess our ‘Blindspots’ in cyberspace. It is crucial that cybersecurity be made a mandatory regulation globally for sustainable growth in the future digital economies.” - Mirza Asrar Baig, Founder & CEO of CTM360. With many notably large clients in the MENA region and Asia, CTM360 plans to increase the ‘Cyber Readiness Score’ of organizations at a global level, to ensure the safety and security of internet users worldwide. CTM360 has attained global recognition for its award-winning services such as “Cyber Blindspot” (CBS) and “Cyber Incident Response Team” (CIRT). They have also been listed as one of the top 14 Digital Risk Providers worldwide, by an international research firm.

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