'Why Cybersecurity will split away from Information Security'


Let us view the past to better understand the future. Over twenty years back, the majority of organizations had no Information Security functions or personnel. From then onwards, with connectivity to the internet, organizations started having the function of IT Security reporting to the Head of IT. Then, approximately 15 years ago IT security managers started getting the titles of Information Security Manager, yet they still reported to the Head of IT. Over the last 10 years, the CISO role has matured and has split from IT, mostly reporting now to the CRO or CEO. This was done to split the Security Governance from Implementations of Controls whereas the latter is rightly still remains under IT.

Very soon, we anticipate another upcoming transformation – the security industry will likely split Cybersecurity from Information Security. There are many reasons for this: Firstly, cybersecurity is all about the external attacks, i.e. cybercrime, cyber espionage, Hacktivism, etc., whereas Information Security is more inward-looking and standards-based. Secondly, cybersecurity requires highly-focused Detection and Response capabilities to handle external attacks. Thirdly, the mode of operations in a cybersecurity team mimics the actions of a country’s defense forces and often, finely-tuned internal security / intelligence agencies. This is the crucial reality of the world we live; to remain relevant, it is imperative that traditional Information Security is balanced with the ever-evolving dynamics of Cybersecurity.