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CTM360 is a collaborative and resourceful platform which enables entities to leverage the power of collectiveness in order to address the ever-growing landscape of cyber attacks. We offer a broad-range of prevention, detection, analysis and response services.
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Our R&D team has developed unique technologies in response to the gaps found in existing universal Cyber Threat Management tools. Common attributes of these techniques include deriving intelligence-gathering methods relevant to specific organizations and gauging relevancy, severity, timelines and expected impact of incidents.
Our innovation is driven by a passion to enhance the quality of actionable intelligence and to monitor what really matters.



CTM360 Portal:

"Visibility of data & status of workflow”


The CTM360 integrated portal provides each member organization a view into our Security Operations Center and the status of workflow of our Security Analysts team. 


Users have the ability to track incidents, conduct big data analytics, generate reports and perform other functions from data-sets derived from our Internet Footprint, Domain CHK and Cyber Incident Response modules. User access levels are role-based to permit information based on specific job functions


The portal is also the gateway to our services of Bee Vigilant and TRUST360.





"Joining the Dots to detect and predict cyber threat incidents”


Connecting the dots remains an integral part of our business. Via DETECT360, we have developed a unique two-stage framework for effective and comprehensive threat detection.


Starting with proprietary algorithms, we index relevant data from across the internet and from feeds; with additional context, this data is processed at the second stage to determine severity and to identify the best course of action.

Our development team is currently working on deploying machine-learning algorithms to take DETECT360 to the next level.




Internet Asset Monitoring & Audit tool

"Enchancing your cyber security posture”


This tool is the underlying technology for our Internet Footprint Management & Domain-CHK services. We are not the gurus of everything and appreciate excellence by others; therefore, where applicable we have integrated licensed third party sub-tools via an API.

Our Security Analysts use this tool to discover, index, monitor and audit multiple parameters linked to any asset. Specific contextual data from this tool also feeds into DETECT360.




Cyber Analytical Toolkit (CAT360)

"Our Swiss Knife of Cyber Analysis Tools”


A simple yet powerful tool that began with idea of developing a single interface to conduct multiple variations of cyber analysis. At present, it is available with limited functionality in a mobile application and with full strength in the cloud.  

Starting with any piece of information belonging to a data class, a user can traverse and pivot across various queries. As and when new requirements are suggested by members, they will are incorporated; a recent example being an email firewall’s test on rejecting “spoof mail” of multiple variations.




Web Referral Log Analyzer (WRLA)

"A tool that uses Web referral log analysis to detect Brand Abuse and Phish attacks in real time”


There are numerous attack scenarios where attackers pull some content from a genuine page or redirect the victim to a genuine page to avoid suspicion. Our R&D team used that aspect to develop a very customizable tool that may be adopted to any IT environment and processes web referral logs in real time to detect suspicious referral URLs that are then forwarded to our SOC as well as our members. These URLs are then processed to identify if the referral source was in any way or form malicious.    

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