Corporate Credentials in Hacked Accounts Database

About Corporate Credentials in Hacked Accounts Database

Over the last two years, numerous publically announced data hacks have tarnished the reputation of Fortune 500 and globally-renowned corporations; the bigger the corporation, the bigger the news it has made. CTM360 recognizes the need to consistently address the critical information that is included in these mass dumps and hacked archives. Instead of waiting for threat actors to freely scan through and eventually use brute-force or rainbow tables on dumps, CTM360 has aggregated all available data to allow companies to bulk verify compromised accounts, check for possible exposure on the world wide web and address emails that have been compromised. This archive of hacked data is represented in our BreachDB module.

Be it 10, 100 or 10,000 accounts leaked, a single compromised account is a direct entry point into any organization. Many a time, entities become paralyzed with the thought of having this data used against them; CTM360’s philosophy is to channel that thought into action by leveraging the streamlined capabilities of BreachDB, CTM360’s centralized portal to check for corporate credentials in hacked accounts.

This service is provided for free to all verified accounts. Due to the nature of the data involved, access will not be granted without verified approval.