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CTM360® is a Cyber Security subscription service offering 24 x 7 x 365 Cyber Threat Management for detecting and responding to threats originating in cyberspace. A growth-stage startup headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, CTM360 currently serves more than 25 of the Top 50 GCC Banks, as well as entities in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Aviation across 6 countries.

CTM360 currently remains a leader in Cyberspace for Managed Threat Detection & Response, Digital Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, Corporate & VIP Brand Protection, Anti-Phishing, etc. CTM360 is offered as a service through an ecosystem built in the cloud and remains solely outside the perimeter of any organization.

Cyber Incidents Managed

Threat Detection & Response

Digital Assets Audited via

Digital Risk Management

4 billion

Accounts Indexed in

Hacked Data Archive

Executives Protected via

VIP Brand Protection

Corporate data breaches are common-place. Take action.

Find all exposed credentials for your organization through aggregated listing of all released hacked data

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Recent Recognition

CTM360 is your security department in cyberspace

We hunt and neutralize threats efficiently before they impact the perimeter

One Platform - Interconnected Modules

Holistic Security Through CTM360's ecosystem:


No Installations

No Access to Infrastructure

Log / IOC independent

Offensive Defense Mind-set

Easy to Integrate

Unmatched Price Points

Big Data Analytics

In Cyberspace

Automated Reporting

Monthly Subscriptions

External Perspective

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Complimentary to Existing Information Security & IT Security Team

CTM360 requires no installations or access to infrastructure. We have the same horizon as an attacker.

24 x 7 x 365

Threat Hunting & Neutralizing in cyberspace.

Agile, Determined & Innovative

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